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Volleyball Startseite › Volleyball Regeln › Volleyballregeln erklärt › Der Libero. Volleyballregel erklärt - Der Libero. Grundidee: Der Libero wurde eingeführt, um die Abwehr zu stärken. Unter diesem Aspekt müssen auch die kompletten Regeln, die den Libero betreffen, interpretiert werden. Der Libero ist kein zusätzlicher Spieler.

Official Volleyball Libero (Libro) Player Rules

Volleyball Libero Designation - Volleyball Rules Each team can designate one specialized player as "Libero". The Libero must be recorded on the score sheet before the match in the special line reserved for this. The number must be recorded on the line-up sheet of the first set (game).

The Libero in Volleyball: A Defensive Specialist

A libero is a defensive specialist position in indoor volleyball. The position was added to the game of indoor volleyball in 1999 along with a set of special rules for play in order to foster more digs and rallies and to make the game more exciting overall. The libero remains in the game at all times and is the only player who is not limited by ...

Der Libero im Volleyball - YouTube

VolleyballFREAK erklärt die Libero-Position im Volleyball. Es gibt Infos zur Geschichte, den Eigenschaften eines Liberos und welche Regeln Teams mit Libero b...


The introduction of a specialist defensive player – the Libero – has moved the game forward in OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL RULES 2017-2020 9 VOLLEY PASSING Service Rotation Explosive Action Defense Jumping Power Attack TEAM GAME DIVIDED COURTS

Glossary - Volleyball Game

The "libero" handles much of the team's serve reception and is pivotal in backcourt defence. Set The "set" is an overhead pass used to change the direction of the dig and put the ball in a good position for the spiker.

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Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court under organized rules. It has been a part of the official program of the Summer Olympic Games since Tokyo 1964.

All Volleyball Serve Rules (Easily Explained)

Does libero serve? A libero is a defensive player and his role is to prevent his team from losing points. By definition, he can’t even attempt to score a point. That’s why we will never see a libero who is serving. However, in some leagues rules are different and liberos are allowed to serve. But I’d say in 97% of cases, liberos don’t serve.