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A Table Tennis Rule Explained - The Volley

It's also worth noting that, despite all the subtle changes to this rule, it has never been legal to volley the ball in table tennis like you can when playing tennis. And it has never been legal to "spike" the ball and then play a shot as you can in volleyball either. Need your questions about the Rules and Regulations answered SIMPLY and CLEARLY?

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Can You Volley In Table Tennis? (Rules Explained) - RacketRampage

Volley, other known as the obstruction, is an illegal shot in table tennis, and you aren’t allowed to do so. ITTF Handbook clearly states that you are not allowed to hit the ball before it has touched your side of the table.

Can I Volley the Ball in Table Tennis or Ping-Pong?

In table tennis, also known by the brand name Ping-Pong, volleying is not generally allowed. A volley is the flight of the ball before it hits the ground or table. So, volleying in table tennis would be hitting the ball back to your opponent before it hits the table in your court.

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No. In regular tennis you may “volley” the ball (hitting the ball before it bounces on your side of the net). But in table tennis, this results in a point for your opponent. NOTE: When your opponent hits a ball that sails over your end of the table without touching it and then hits you or your paddle, that is still your point. 9.

Can You Hit the Ball Around the Net in Table Tennis?

Unusual But Legal Situations . According to the official rules by the sport's governing body, the International Table Tennis Federation, this is a legal situation—the ball does not have to travel over the net. It is also legal for the ball to travel underneath the net assembly (the part that protrudes off the table and holds the net up), as long as it lands once on the opponent's side of the table.

Rules of Table Tennis

table tennis rules. It is considered foul if you use your fingers to hit the ball. It is also illegal for you to place your racket hand below the wrist or any part of the racket (edge or handle). However, if your paddle dropped, you cannot hit the ball with your hand.

How to Serve Legally in Table Tennis / Ping-Pong

It is legal to hold the free hand so that the thumb is over the table, provided the ball is resting behind the endline and above the playing surface. This is why the service method shown in the first photograph of this article is legal.Video - Can You Serve With Your Hand Over the Table? - 2.9MB, 640x480 pixels

What Are The Key Rules In Table Tennis? | Know Before You Play

It has been asked by many of the new players if they are allowed to volley the ball. According to the international rules of table tennis, in professional matches, volleying the ping pong balls results in a score for the opponent.