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2 Guard Offense - The Basketball Playbook

2 Guard Offense Table of Contents 1. Michigan Wolverines - John Beilein 2 2. Vanderbilt Commodors - Kevin Stallings 79

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Here is the initial 2-1-2 set. Two guards are at the top. Post player is on the free throw line. The two forwards are in the short corners behind the defense. The first offensive motion is initiated when either guard dribbles toward the ball-side wing. In this case, 1 dribbles to the right wing. 3 cuts to the corner.

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Also see Zone Offense. "Zone-2" Offense - "Runner" Like the 3-2 zone attack, we want to attack this zone from the corner, as this puts pressure on the low defenders. We call it "zone-2" because we use a two-guard front (vs the 1-guard defensive front). We can also use this against the 1-3-1 zone defense, or any 1-guard zone defensive front.

Simple 1-3-1 Offense to Dominate a 2-3 Zone Defense

For this offense to work, you need to force the low defender of the zone to guard the basketball on the wing. This is the reason why the players on the wing start closer to the corner. This will allow you to split the middle defender with your two post players which is a very advantageous position for the offensive team to be in.

Basketball Offense - Zone Offense, Coach's Clipboard ...

You must have a zone offense(s) in your offensive arsenal to counteract zone defenses. We use two zone offenses, called "zone 1" and "zone 2". These are designed to be used against a zone with a two-guard defensive front ("zone 1"), and a zone with a one-guard defensive front ("zone 2"). General pointers in attacking any zone defense. 1.

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Two Guard Offense Playbook | Mens Basketball Hoopscoop

The Two Guard Offense Playbook, also known as the “Michigan 2 Guard Offense” or “2-1-2 Offense” is a great way to space the floor and create scoring opportunities. Learn from Coaches John Beilein, Brad Underwood, and others that use the Two Guard Offense. The Two Guard Offense Playbook features 52 plays using the 2-1-2 formation.

Basketball Offense - Michigan 2-Guard Offense, Coach's Clipboard

The two-guard front is used with two wings (free-throw line extended) and a high post player (diagram A) - a "2-3 high" look. There are four ways to start the chin series. Chin Entry #1 - Point to High-Post Pass The point guard O1 starts the offense by passing to O5 who sprints up to the arc to meet the pass (diagram B).

Defeating 1-3-1 and 1-2-2 zone defenses | Winning Hoops

If offenses are patient, no defenses are easier to attack than the 1-3-1 and 1-2-2 zones. The old rule for zone offenses is to put your players where there are no defenders, and that rule is as true today as it ever was. In this offense, the players hardly move while the defenders scramble to handle easy passes.