Track your time
with no timers

Discover how much you work
and if it is worth the trouble

you don’t know how much I love your product. I’m just so in a good mood after being at home and relax than I’m totally ok login my hours in two click. This part is really great really.


We Kicked out Timers and Spreadsheet from Time Tracking

Did you ever forgot to start the timer? Yeah, we know how it feels.
You do part of the work and say "Damn it!"

We think it shouldn't be your job to remember things like starting the timer.
We built this to help you do what you love in life instead of setting up or writing notes just to keep track of what you did.

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No timers to start, things to remember or app to install

Access Anywhere

A single Webapp fully responsive, from its head to its toes.
iPhone, Android, Mac, Pc, you name it.

Easy as tapping

You just need some taps and you're good to go.
Have a mouse? Click it!

Daily reminders

You will get your daily email to remember to track your day, it's our job to help you.

Advanced Stats

You can see how much you've worked weekly, monthly, yearly and know how much happy you were

You only need 41 seconds per day to track a full day of work

Take a look at the video, we recorded how much time it takes to actually track a full day of work.

That's real data and real action from our emails, no fake example.

How can this be possible?
We use 1 click login, and passive time tracking to make it possible, and make it real.

ok I'm in. what's the deal?

Accessible from everywhere, on any browser

Even if you're working from a public pc or a friend smartphone you can use it.

Go into your email with our 1-click login system and you're done.

No hassles, no password remembering, no app to install.

Go Simplify your Life

We Care About Your Happiness

and you should too...

The first to track your happiness

so that you will know which project has sucked your life and how to deal with it.

Because happiness is what makes life great we included a 1 click way to track how much happy you were during this working day.

You will know exactly how much a project made you happier and if that project was worth the trouble or not, so that you can choose more carefully your clients next time.

Start Tracking Your Day

Clear stats to help you get paid and take action

How much I've worked this month for the project?
Was I happy?
How was the overall mood?

These questions will get their answers by just taking a look at the stats page or waiting for the weekly/monthly reports.

We digest the info for you so you don't have to process it and you only have to take action, get paid and move on.

Get it

100% "love it or get them back"
moneyback guarantee

we are deadly serious about making your life easier

If after trying it, Haptime doesn't simplify your life just ask the money back and we'll refund the whole amount.
No question asked.

Ah, did we say that you can do it up until 30 days later?

Ok, I Want It

Tracking time should always be a pleasure

Because time is a tool to your freedom

Simple, affordable and honest prices

we care about making time tracking accessible to everyone

The Company Plan
contact us for a custom quote
  • Access anywhere
  • Multi User
  • Full stats
  • Daily reminders
  • Weekly/Monthly reports
  • Employee happiness report
The Freelance Plan Most chosen

$3 /mo.

paid yearly
  • Access anywhere
  • 1 User
  • Full stats
  • Daily reminders
  • Weekly/Monthly reports

  • ( don't have paypal? )


Small Plan

$2 /mo.

paid yearly
  • Access anywhere
  • 1 User
  • Full stats

We are open to questions of any kind

Just make sure they're not too much embarassing

FAQ, or... whatever doubts you might have

Why would I want to use this instead of a Spreadsheet?

It's not like you have to. It's just that using a spreadsheet sometimes takes just too much time and it's not helping you understanding which projects are truly worth it.

And what about time tracking timers? Are they bad?

Timers are a way to actively track time. They are great, but they have a drawback.
In fact they share this drawback with spreadsheets: they need your memory & attention.
This leads to forgetting to pull the right trigger and therefore to track your hours.

Passive time tracking, like ours, removes the memory weight because you just need to do it once a day and it will be our task to remember you to do it, so you can focus on what you do best

There's not a good or bad side, but I obviously prefer the passive time tracking, because I feel that tools should remove actions from your life, not add them

If I change my mind, can I have a refund?

Yes. We care about helping you having the best out of our product.
But in case it's not the best choice for you we don't want to tie you up.

Just write us an email in your first 30 days and we will refund the whole amount, no questions asked.

Do you offer monthly plans?

We do not offer monthly plans at this time, but we are testing out a monthly plan of 4$/mo for the freelance plan.
If you want to test it out, write us an email ;)

Why should I track worked hours, in the first place?

To put it simply: It's one of the best tricks to get paid the right amount of money.
By the way... tracking hours shouldn't imply billing hours, we think the best way is to get billed monthly/weekly, and understanding the revenue thanks to the number of hours tracked.

Get in touch, let's chat

if you have any doubt, issue, or just to say thanks, write us message ;)

Proudly handcrafted in Italy

Thanks for taking the time to read until here

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Andrea Grassi

Passionate about productivity, web developer and enthusiastic about personal development. You can learn more in my about me page

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